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hihihi~ gonna blog and then gonna go AMK HUB for amaths tuition haha. Time passes real fast lol. As usual, i went for wushu rehearsal at Ai Tong school and then after that went to j8 for lunch with mummy and bro. Went to crystal jade kitchen for lunch haha, long time since i last been there. Since i am not feeling really hungry, so i ordered som Dum Dum to eat instead. Currently in love with their pumpkin with corn something one (LOL ps, i forget the name :p).

Was surprise that mummy brought me to ding tai fung and crystal jade .. it's like she went china for 2 weeks and then come back singapore still eat chinese food haha. If it's me, i would crave for things like pizza, spaghetti or etc etc haha.

P.s. i love food.

So i was bored and i went to rummage my drawer and found out that i actually have that much of ribbon hair acessories O.O .. okay la actually not that surprise since i keep buying it lol.

Haha, wow right? My dad keep nagging me and ask me not to keep buying but i just can't! I'm obsessed with ribbons and floral prints right now haha. Well, one more is never too many.  I do use them .. but not very often since school doesn't allow any other colours except: white, navy blue, brown, grey.

These ribbon hair accessories makes up like 70% of my hair acessories LOL. The other 30% consist of scrunchies and hair bands which i do have quite a lot of them too ..

Yes, i only have one head but i'm a girl :O Every time i see ribbon accessories and they're cheap or worth it, i would just buy, whether or not i'll ever use them is another issue LOL.

Maybe that's the reason why i'm currently broke .. ):

Hehe cute right the photo haha. It's a ribbon ring and ribbon necklace. They're in gold but h=ave a slight bronzy feel i guess lol. Since i don't wear rings or necklaces that much (and yes, this is one of my impulse purchase of ribbon items because .. i just couldn't resist it! LOL), i decided to give this away. As a set. So if anybody wants it you can formspring/twitter/facebook me. Or you can comment on this post :) First come first serve :O~ and only giving this away to singaporeans.

haha that's all for today~~ ciaos!!


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