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hmm, so i guess, it's time for another new blog post haha. Pretty much things to blog about .. BUT! It's mainly words .. so if you don't like to read a wordy post .. then go watch some videos on youtube! Haha. Btws, i'm gonna change my blogskin soon .. Probably tonight or tomorrow~~

okay, i'll change my blogskin tomorrow, probably but not today!

So anws, today mummy is finally back from china!! Yeah she went to china on 4th July (dad's birthday) and this work trip was suppose to be only for a week but it got extended till another week, so she just came back this morning. She looks very tired and sick :/ ...

And then we talked while she pass me the things she had bought for me, ahhhhh love you mummy, thank you! It has been kinda long time since i last saw my mum, yeah :)? Haha kinda miss her i guess?

Now she's back, but she told me something else. Her boss wants her to be @ Shang Hai for like 2 years .. like seriously 2 YEARS!?!? She's just back and they want to send her there for 2 years .. my mum is thinking about it currently and my dad says that he's okay with it. ( I personally believe that my dad actually wanted my mum to stay cause he love her very much LOL;x).

Mummy is worry about brother, since 2 yrs later he'll be taking PSLE and if i get into a JC then i'll be taking my 'A' Level then. She's kinda hesitating i guess .. yeah. I suggested to her that why not i go shang hai with her? It's not confirm yet .. she says 'see how first'.

For me, i think i just want to go there for fun and at the same time i wanna try studying overseas and i want to accompany my mum?She often travels a lot because of work and she said that she wants us (bro, me and dad) to skype with her if she really go shang hai for 2 years .. so idk : / ..

shall end my post here today, gtg sleep soon. ciaos~

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