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So, firstly: 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY !!!' Haha, yup today is my father's birthday. But also, today, my mum just went overseas for work ): ... awww. But whatever. Didn't get him any present or cake .. no idea what to give him though :/ i remembered that when i was younger, i used to buy him small pens and notebooks because i see that he uses them a lot and small = convenient for him haha. Mummy say that after she come back, we will celebrate his birthday together.

 Tomorrow is my school's event - 'Be Yourself Day'. Basically we can wear anything (almost) to school and of course school rules applies and etc. No super short skirt/dresses, no revealing clothes etc etc. My class theme will be 'Party' :O .. most of the girls thought of wearing dress .. so i though maybe i'll just wear a skirt of something and yeah ._. casual wear haha.

okay that's all for today. ciaos~~ Chem test tmr -.- sigh~~

kinda addicted to this song now haha.



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