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hihi~ as you can see, I'VE CHANGED MY BLOGSKIN! Haha, was rather fussy when i was browsing through to look for a new blogskin. Can't seem to find any that suits my liking :/ .. so i decided to go with this since i find it simple and nice plus easy to edit haha.Not sure if you guys prefer my previous blogskin or the current one .. comment and let me know :b haha

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Currently in love with this biscuit. Milk flavour LOL! Melissa Leow introduced this to me haha.

My Henna ~

 So, today, my school celebrated Racial Harmony Day. Had a good time and i must say, this year's celebration is the best in my entire 3 years plus in beatty .. really. Went to try many things i i actually got interviewed ._. oh crap, so nervous what is gonna come out in the IN section next tuesday wtf LOL. Hopefully i dont see any of my comments there hahahahha omg so ps. After celebration, everybody gets to go home @ 12.30pm BUT all higher mother tongue students from sec 1 to 4 have to stay back :/ ... Sigh!

But our teacher let us watch a video instead so .. not that bad i guess .. ? lol, but the video was quite interesting.

After that, went to ding tai fung to meet mummy for lunch. Surprisingly i saw Mdm Low and other beatty teachers dining there too haha. Had a good lunch and spent some quality time with mum :)

A picture of my henna again haha.

That's all for today, it's already going 10pm and i've not bathe yet .. LOL so smelly, ciaos~~


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