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From left to right: Olene, Hee Jin (korean), Min Ji (korean), Melissa Tay and Doris(French).
Haha yeah, i've 2 korean friends :P  .. Enqi and Adeline was also in the picture but i accidentally zoom my camera ._. And yes, I know many "Melissa"s haha.

Haha the guys, queuing up, waiting for their turn to have their photos taken by Ms Loo ( my english teacher).
Left to Right: Burhan, Joshi, WanYu (China), Leawin, Lin Jiang, Terence, Glendon, Jeffrey and justin.

LOL Glendon looks weird here haha my class seems to have quite a few foreign students though but they're my good friends la haha .. maybe just much more closer to the girls.

THE 4-HEAVENLY KINGS (left to right): Lin Jiang, Yong Shen, Joo Han and Edric.
Special 4 people in my class that grabs the attention of my teacher haha. Cause they're always sleeping in class etc and she requested a picture from them haha. Have been classmates with Joo Han and Edric since secondary 1 :O

Oh ya and yesterday we had P.E and the guys had to quickly change for assembly and joo han changed his top in class hehehe and I SAW IT LOLLL. Not bad not bad (Y). Walao he used top be chubby during sec 1 and 2 haha.

And yes, this year's best dressed girl and guy in my class haha. Omg just so cuteeeeeeee x.x Minji and terence were being voted by us haha cause we keep sghouting their name and keep teasing terence about her since "dat ass" incident took place few months ago. haha Inside stuff *ahem*.

Hee Jin and Minji, both of them are just pretty/cute haha.

And then Zhimin, Minji, Rajes and Yaksheni :)

So yesterday, thursday, my school celebrated youth day. Teachers and some of my school mates performed. Had quite a good time, laughing and screaming like some hyper bitch LOL. Anws, it was fun and ejoyable, more exciting than the past 3 years i guess? Or maybe, it's because this is my final year in beatty. 'Be yourself day' is the only day you can wear almost anything to school, so we dress up and had fun.

This is just one of my post for today, gonna post another post later about today. Breaking it up into two blog post haha.

enjoy the song ~~ haha 'Be Myself' - Megumi Nakajima

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