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(anime) 'Hidan no Aria' - Aria Holmes Kanzaki 
It's a nice show and hopefully there'll be season two :/ haha *cross fingers* .  Go watch it!

It's sunday and tomorrow is monday ... BOOOOOOOO!! Haha, a lot of people don't really look forward towards Monday's arrival. That's because, this means that we have to work or to go to school. But honestly speaking, i don't really dislike monday that much. Instead .. i don't really look forward towards Thursday. Haha maybe it's because my thursday timetable is real packed and i have extra mother tongue lesson till 3pm :/.

So, anws, tomorrow there's physics test for me. Ahhhhh ... thermal phsics haha. I prefer thermal physics waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over than those electromagnetism shit lol. Sigh, hopefully o level have more of thermal physics etc and lesser of those behind chapters :/.

Okay, so that's all for today i guess. Do read my last post, there's a mini giveaway lol. And add me on twitter (rather active there) ~ ciaos~~~


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