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This is seriously 'so true'. LOL #truestory
(p.s. except, no 'yaoi' haha)

Ah, if you don't know what's 'yaoi' ... check it up yourself. It's something like a guy's relationship .. i guess? LOL go and find the real meaning with the help of google/yahoo/other otakus who are yaoi lovers. Not a fan nor a hater of it. Anws third week of june holidays is ending soon .. and yes as expected yours truly has not done a single piece of homework yet. Screw it, i'm in deep shit LOL. Aaaahhh its just that i've no mood to do them at all ): ..

Seriously, i'm pretty much like that (above) at home. Actually .. this is just part of it. I lay on my bed listening to music, typing away on my keyboard (exactly what i am doing right now lol) with cups of water and food in front of me. Dude, seriously i just keep on eating and eating and eating. And because i keep on sitting down, i think that all of my fats just accumulates and my thigh area ._. ARGH I WANNA GET RID OF MY FAT THIGHS  :@ .... And most of the time i don't speak lol so it kinda feels weird to speak LOL wtf haha. Sometimes i get real bored that i start vacuuming my own room, living room and etc. Or maybe just walk around my house while day dreaming about something ... lol in my own world~ lalalala~

Mum got me strawberry milk .. YES!
haha okay so i guess that's all for today .. just an update hehe, ciaos~~


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