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Heard of supercell before? Haha i'm kinda addicted to them now .. hehe yeah :p. I posted some youtube videos of their songs before. E.g. 'Perfect Day' , 'Hero' , 'Goodbye Memories' etc .. they really really really have quite a few nice songs. Its like their lyrics are pretty simple and easy to understand and yet able to convey what it's trying to say. Erm .. maybe it's the lyrics that's simple thats why its easy to understand LOL. But yeah .. i can relate to some of the songs .. i guess :O? Haha, for me. Like similar situations etc lol.

Anws, it's a japanese band and if i'm not wrong, there's gonna be a new album!! Aaaahhhh hopefully i can get them in singapore when they release their new album!!!  \\(> <)\\ .. ~ (more info. : )'

So .. I'm gonna post the song that i'm currently addicted to, haha yeah it's from supercell also~ There's english subtitles too lol.


Random/Update of my life:


Someone added me on facebook yesterday and commented that my blog is cute .. haha thank you :DD!! It's the first time someone told me that and added me on facebook i guess ;x lol haha. And yeah today's the first day of semester 2 .. not bad i guess? So far so good :) hehe. And i just cut my fringe today haha i cannot tahan long fringe .. no idea why and how in i manage to survive during my primary school years w/o any fringe lol.

okay so that's all i guess? Haha ps for not blogging much lately and just posting cideos haha ciaos~~~

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