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Ever seen 'RILA-6-PAX' before? Well, this is Rilakkuma after training for muscles continuously for 365 days, non-stop LOL. Wtf right hahaha. It's drawn by CHUA JOO HAN, one of my good friend haha suyper joker. He can draw damn well la haha at first idkl why Zhimin was whacking hm and laughing away lol, then i realise that he made her darling Rilakkuma mutated LOL. It was damn funny la haha cannot stop laughing when i first saw the picture .. it's currently my phone's wallpaper and screen saver photo LOL.

Kailin and Jingxuan! My two cute baby cousins haha. Have not seen them for quite some time. Went out for dinner today with my mother side family, pretty fun. And the vegetarian meal wasn't that bad hehe :)

Okay so that's all for today~ ciaos~

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