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YES. As you can see, my post title says '#MBLAQ'. So today, i'm gonna blog about KPOP. LOL like 'wow' only .. i was like totally not interested in kpop until this year haha. #MBLAQ is like my second favourite kpop band i guess? Maybe it's because i don't know a lot of the kpop band .. but oh well. Haha i bought their latest album yesterday (although it has been released for quite some time already).

Btws, i'm not a hardcore fan of MBLAQ but i like them. Actually, i'm not much of a fan of anything lol like i won't go crazy over them or super obsessed with them, as if i cannot live w/o them till that extent lol. Just saying, not saying that all the other A+  fans or like that but just .. i like them :O? Plus i'm only into them like recently haha. Because of 'Hello Baby' i guess? But they're pretty interesting anws hehe. And i like their songs too, like 'This is War" , "Run" , "Stay" .. and others haha haven listen to all of them yet :b

Some photos inside haha ahh among the five of them i like Lee Joon the most!! Haha omg he's like super cute and .. idk la haha interesting. Then after Lee Joon is Cheon Dung, Mir, G.O and then Seungho. Sanadara Park and Cheo Dung resembles each other siah haha lol. If not wrong, zhimin likes cheon dung. He's cute too haha. Then after knowing them i went to youtube to watch variety shows which has them, e.g. Idol Army, Sesame player etc. Hope they appear in more variety shows :P~

So that's all today hehe. Byeeee~
P.s. Since MBLAQ is 2nd, then who is first :)? Make a guess ~~

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