Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 3:33 PM with

found this from 9Gag, and thought that iut's cute haha.

So yup, its saturday.And i've not done a single homework yet .. LIKE SERIOUSLY -.- arghhh i should have like done them and finish all of them at one go on the fiorst week of june holidays but .. i gave in the my 'holiday mode' lol. So yeah. Anws i finished another 2 more shows:

Switch Girl (the manga is still on-going, really like it a lot, blog about it next time haha)

Alvin went overseas .. sian. haha my daily sms buddy not here  ... so my phone its like super quiet lor :/. okay la nothing else to blog about already lol haha .. at least i've updated. Enjoy the song below while i go enjoy myself with another drama~ lalalalalalalal ... yeah and not forgetting tuition later @ 5pm ._.


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