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Hehe okay .. i saw this on tumblr so i'm gonna try to do this '30 day challenge' thing. Haha so i guess this motivates me to blog hur. BUT. I'm not going to do all of the challenges, will provide a reason for it, yeah haha.

So .. challenges which i'm not gonna do:
Day 4 - The meaning behind your Tumblr name
Reason: Simple, I don't have a Tumblr LOL ;x

Day 7 - Do you read? What are your favourite bookes?
Reason: Yes, i read (lol i answered) but i don't really have any favourite books .. and plus i always forget whatever i had read before :/

Day 9 - Pet Peeves
Reason: no idea what's that but if someone explains to me then i'll do it haha (formspring me~)
Yeah i guess .. that's all . As for the rest, i'll blog about it haha yeah. So .. i guess i will start this tomorrow? Haha yeah i actually weant to do it now but .. meh ~ feeling lazy. haha, ciaos~ Gonna rest awhile more than go and fetch bro home lol.


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