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hihi~ okay, so i'm here to blog. Yeah read the post title and i guess you're wondering like, " huh birthday?! i thought its over already?" Yeah it is over already but my darling friends (gaaaaahhh i love them !!!!) celebrated it on thursday haha, yeah this thursday. They bought me a cake and sang me a birthday song~~ haha *happy max*. And i got presents tooooooo!! Like yay! ;x gonna post the pictures here and update a little about my life lol, life's good.

Anws, i painted my own nails lol (its totally ruined now haha), and i think i improved~ maybe it's because at that time when i'm doing my nails i was more patient than usual :O ..

The birthday cake that my awesome friends gave me! Thanks to: Zhimin, Kamesh, Edric, Yaksheni and others who contributed, And thanks to those who sang happy birthday ~~ haha #happygirl96

Ah, this is my present from zhimin, actually still got another card and a packet of sweet from her too but erm i forget to take a picture of it, will post it on the next post la hur haha yeah . I like the handmade gift from her, its really cute! And the letter from her just .... uhhhhh the best! haha 4 yrs of friendship (Y).

Ang paos (red packets) which i got from my aunts and grandparents.

This is the card that kamesh made for me. left front right back, lol figure it out yourself haha. 

This is the inside of the card. Nothing much special, just the usual happy birthday message .. but NO. Look carefully and you'll see something~~

 (she wrote: XiTong happy birthday sweetie! xoxoxo )

 i was like omg are you kidding me o.o that day before he gave me this he sent my a sms saying that someone fabulous signed my card and it's not him. I actually guessed lady gaga because he's a big fan of her and he doesn't admit that anyone else in the world is more fabulous than him other than lady gaga haha so yeap wasn't that surprise but still surprised haha.

He told me that he went to her concert and was chosen to go back stage to meet her (yeah, he's one hardcore lady gaga fan).  Then he was making m card while waiting and she asked him what he was doing, then he explain to her and she decided to sign it haha. its like OMGGGGG!!!!

Really happy, even though i'm not a hardcore fan like kamesh but still, i like lady gaga's songs. And it's the first time in my life ever i had anyone famous giving me their autograph. And the first one is lady gaga #lucky #happygirl96

 Last but not least, this pair of earrings from Yaksheni. I think i'll wear it during special occasions or big events (e.g wedding dinners etc). Yup, gonna keep it properly.

yup, so that's all for today gonna get ready now for tuition haha ciaos~~

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