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hihi~ lately i have not been sleeping well hur :/ .. its like i feel so energetic at night .. sometimes throughout the entire day LOL. Maybe it's because i have been resting in my house for a week, doing nothing except watching drama and relaxing so that's why .. my body has too much energy stored but i've used none of it .. LOL WTF DID I JUST SAID? Ah never mind, anws, today's post is another random post, just me rambling about things and etc. 

Anws, i downloaded a new app in my phone. It's called ‘美图秀秀’. It's a photo-editing app, you can download this into your computer to edit the your photos too .. but uh i don't know how to use the computer .. as in like i cannot edit my photos etc and idk why so i deleted it, Was browsing though nokia store and found it and then downloaded it. It's a simpler version and uh .. btws it's in chinese haha. It has got quite a lot of filters and frames .. yeah simple stuffs like that.

First picture i edited using that app. Anws this is the new pencil case i bought from ArtBox yesterday haha, i seriously love artbox~ okay la, i guess that's all for today hehe ciaos~ and enjoy your sunday .. the last day of the 2nd week of june holidays haha.


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