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Yo :D. Today had pure geography paper 1 and amaths paper 1. Well, i wasn't that prepared for geog but everything somehow turned out fine :) haha and yeah i'm getting complacent with my amaths, feeling a little demoralise now :/ .. What's best is that tmr there is amaths paper 2, together with pure phyiscs paper 2!!! Wtf, Amaths + Pure physic = No. 1 killer combination -.-  No idea who planned the exam schedule but oh well. Shall study soon. Have been online shopping again and once all my things arrived, i'll blog about it ^^~ hehe. 

Sailor Moon use to be my favourite anime when i was a kid. Yeah my parents even bought me the CDs. 
So that's all for today. Ps for all the boring posts, exam period can't help it haha. Ciaos :D~ 


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