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Sigh .. how i was i can travel now ~

Yeah, i feel like, going overseas LOL. But i can't :/ .. sigh oh well. Anws sorry for not updating for a long time! Btws, i'm thinking of changing my blog again ... hmmmm. Yeah still thinking about it, wonder what link should i change to haha. So here's my blog post to update this blog of mine and uh yeah, the photos that i'm gonna upload are overdue (duh) ;x

okay so, last Wednesday was marking day for me and melissa.H and so we went out together! Shopping at bugis haha but we went to far east, hoping to find something we like but fail ): Haha we have been hanging out at bugis quite often. No idea why we cannot get sick of that area. It's just that, at bugis, there' are like so many things to buy and at a cheaper price (my opinion, or maybe our opinion :O). So yeah, manage to do quite a few shopping but didn't take picture of the stuff i bought haha. First time i see her spending more than me when shopping LOL. Nah, i hold back a little cause i knew i was broke .. sigh :/ 

Yeah and we took neoprint! Almost every outing also have to take neoprint haha. Mad epic, the decorating pen was a little spoilt, or is it the screen? Whatever, so we tried very hard to decorate and like keep poking the screen damn hard LOL like destroyer like that until the person come in and help us .. HAHAHHA SO PS ;x 

Then the next day, which is last thursday, i went to sci center with some of my school mates for a talk b some professor but in the end cancelled cause ... idk, for whatsoever reason it was lol.  Yeah, although it was like a wasted trip or something but i manage to eat astronaut ice cream~~~!! Idk why but it just taste nice to me. Maybe it's because i get to eat it like once in a very long while, yeah.

Oh and uh mum bought me a new pencil case yesterday. and get herself one too but mine is pink, hers is rainbow. Yes, mum knows me well, i like pink.


haha so i guess .. that's all for today? Sorry for not blogging. I was just ... super lazy and obsessed with something else. You see, when i get interested in something like: PC games, internet games, videos, animes, manga etc all of a sudden, i would like chiong them, seriously. For like a period of time .. few weeks or months, depends on how much i enjoy it haha. So recently i was hooked on Shinee videos in youtube .. yeah. Haha like 'wow' because its not anime. So yup, that's all for today i think my obsession with them will be over .. soon? But that doesn't mean i don't like them or no longer supporting them! Juist .. not so obsess la hur haha. Byeee~


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