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Gasai Yuno from 'Mirai Nikki' 

Yo! Finally is friday, so i'm gonna blog :). Gonna blog about anime stuff lol. I think i mentioned this anime a few times before but i don't think i've blog about it before .. ? Lol, anws never mind, just gonna blog about it :).

Gasai Yuno and Yukiteru

So this anime is called ' Mirai Nikki '. It ws introduced to me by Aloysius haha yeah and he's right its a nice anime. It has got quite a few climax and unexpected twist.

Here's the summary:

Yukiteru always rejected any offers to go with friends and just keeps writing a diary on his cell phone. He has what he believes is an imaginary friend called Deus Ex Machina. However, one day Deus asks him to play a survival game along with eleven others. The winner becomes the next Deus Ex Machina. In order to win, the contestants must use their diaries of the future to eliminate one another. For Yukiteru to survive, he must team up with another diary holder, a girl named Yuno. (from:

Although it has romance involve, but its not the usual type of romance. Idk how to explain it you bu yeah .. watch and you'll get it. It's similar to the anime 'Another' i guess? Lol, yeah one by one people dies lol. Its like kinda cool la, each of them is a diary holder, and their diary are different from one another. E.g. Random diary, escape diary, detective diary etc. And there're like 12? 13? of them playing this game. And how it turns out in the end ... watch it :D! haha.

Another picture of Gasai Yuno. I know right, in this anime series i think she has the most number of picture LOL.

Oh ya, this scene is the most random and at one of the last few parts of the anime. Not gonna say anything haha if not it would be a spoiler lololol. But its jusy like .. Wow O.O .. But ..


Not as WOW as this. Like seriously i cannot believe that there's a little boys love scene in this anime LOL. No offense to BL lovers but uh its just not my genre/type :/  .. Yeah but its just like less than 5 mins so i guess its okay.

Haha Uryuu Minene and one of the detective, lol i forget his name. And yes, a terrorist and someone from the police force gets married. And he was suppose to catch her anws LOL. oh well, #anime.

So that's all for today. Gonna post the two opening songs of 'Mirai Nikki'. I perfer the openings (lol only got two) than the endings theme songs haha. Ciaos~ enjoy your long weekend o(^^).

Opening Theme 1 : "Küsö Mesorogiwi" by Yousei Teikoku

btws someone commented this on the video:

Oh well, #justsaying. That doesn't means that i hate twilight! lawls, but i watch twilight anws.

Opening theme 2: Dead END by Faylan

Hehe, i like both! Hard to decide which is better to me lol. So how bout you?


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