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Hihi people! Good morning~ Short post before i go and study :) haha. This two packets of sweets are currently my favourite! Hahas, They never fail to keep me awake lol, always pop one of them before my paper starts hehe ;x. Anws, yesterday i went to watch 'The Avengers' with my parents. And its mad cool, and awesome!!!!!! Its real nice and a little comedic. haha. Not gonna be a spoiler and tell you anything but yeah, if you've got time, go and watch this movie!

p.s. i think captain america is hot ;x! LOL. Yeah and my least favourite (no offence) was the Hulk. I mean its big, green and ... yeah. And i didn't understand why some of my friends who watch this show before me commented that Hulk was awesome, and da bomb. Yeah but now i agree with them haha.He's damn funny and the back part of the show and it kinda change my opinion of him.

so, here's the trailer i found on youtube.

and that's all for today! Ciaos!

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hehe thank you :D.


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