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hihi ~ gonna update a little bit over here. Haha so i fell sick :/. Initially it was just a cold (that's what i thought) and then suddenly i had headache on wednesday, but i thought it's okay, nothing big. Until i reach home that night, i had a slight fever, took panadol and thinking that it would go down by tmr morning but my headache worsen -.- yeah so i went to see the doctor in the morning and got an ?MC, uhh feeling better now though i had a sudden rise in temperature till 38.3 degrees yesterday evening.

Ps if i'm not making any sense here, my headache is still here but less dizzy now haha. I remember last year, there's once i had a fever which comes with a very bad headache. It was so bad that the moment i stand, i felt like i had spin 10 rounds super fast continuously LOL. And when i lie down, my room ceiling spins haha but this time round not so bad ;x Sight, once in a while i'll get sick but its okay, as long as it recovers.


Anws today is Friday, and what else? Its the last day of term 2/semester 1 of school! Not sure if i should be happy or what haha because: o-level is coming, which means more time for study less time for slacking sigh. Plus, june holiday also not like holiday :/ .. sigh shall do whatever i can as usual haha. Okay, nothing much to blog about already, just gonna post some videos.

Not sure if i have mentioned this person before in my blog, i think i did o.o. Oh well anws, she's Aikawa Kozue . She's damn good in dancing la! Whenever i'm bored i would just watch her videos (mostly dances) over and over again, is like i just cannot stop watching her dancing LOL. ?Idk laaa haha and she's rather petite o.o? Yeah and very very very cute.

Anws, you can find her here:


And here are some of her videos, enjoy~~~

(P.s. i really really like the 3rd video most, for now. It's like the cutest and she seems like she's really happy and enjoying dancing.)


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