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Ahhh~~~~~~~~ finally!! Finally its friday and it has been the most relaxing friday ever so far for this month \\ ( ><)//!! Its like finally i can take things slow and catch my breathe lol. Yeah after my last paper on next Tuesday, the rest of the days i'll be worrying about my results LOL wtf haha.

 Seriously, before MYE i still can have time to do mask while doing homework LOL. And after 2 weeks without doing masks (omg), i'm finally having one on my face now. So shiok LOL. Air-con, awesome shower, using the com till late night ... (Y).

Random photo of an apple, btws, its real tasty hehe. I don't mind eating apples everyday, if only someone cuts if for me everyday~ haha. yeah i'm super lazy.

Yesterday' lunch, Acutally i ordered curry rice but they gave me curry noodle :/ .. oh well doesn't matter, taste nice anws haha plus i'm not a fussy customer ~


So today after my paper, i went to Melissa Leow's housecause we wanted to make onigiri haha somehow she does almost all of the work ;x hehe. Omg first time in my life i get so close to a dog and played with it! So her name is 'Shyer', uh because she's super shy. She'll like keep barking at you when she first saw you LOL. Yeah that's what happened tome, i thought i was hated x.x LOL but then later on after some time we started playing with each other haha.

Teriyaki chicken wing 3pcs meal. LOL. 

Our onigiri! Okay la its round though LOL. It's nice but just that we just a little too much of vinegar ;o

Chawanmushi, made by her maid!

So that's all for today, shall continue to enjoy the rest of my friday~ lallaal~ byeeees!


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