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yo! so i guess, its time for a new blog post :D? Haha gonna upload some photos so have fun looking at them, but before i start blogging ...


(mid-year) EXAMS ARE OVERRR!!!!! (Y)

finally can relax .. for awhile haha. Mock SPA this thursday, and actual Physics SPA 3 is on 1st June :/ ... sigh all the best to me!! Okay, so i shall start blogging haha.( Btws, i'm kinda liking my phonbe camera more now and it's auto-fix function LOL #random).

Goodies that Amanda has gotten for me! Haha from China, love the hot dog. Super big butnice LOL and it has corn inside too! Btws the hot dog brings me back lots and lots and lots of memorries. Because efor the past 3 years when i go to beijing for wushu training (organised my school) i remember a lot of us buying this to eat haha.

A photo of how the hershey looks like inside. Iheard from her that you cannot get this version of hershey chocolate in singapore, and she got my favourite hershy chocolate flavour which is cookies and cream :) haha. I like this a lot because its good for lazy people like me, don't have to open wrappers like hershy kisses? Yeah just open, pop them into my mum, seal them up and into the fridge.

Up close look of the hot dog haha. Its really nice, within two days i finished them LOL.

Things i bought from watsons. I've been wanting to buy the hello kitty facial wash and yeah finally bought it haha, real cute. And in the middle, i would like to reconmmend 'My Beauty Diary' lovers to buy it. It has like 15 + 1 masks inside and only $25 @ watsons! Although they're assorted but if you count, each mask sheet is cheaper than buying the usual 1 box of the same type of masks i guess. So yup i bought it instead. SAw quite a few people buying Kiladoll or lovemore's products, decide to give it a try.

Things i bought from blogshop finally arrived. 

&' today's lunch!! Had it together with Olene and Huixing.
Haha nah not so small, this is just the extra one i bought for myself.

okay so, that's all for today actually. I would probably blog again tmr about my gmarket buys? And i'm going out with Melissa Heng tmr!! Hehe, ciaos~


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