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hihi~ yes .. i'm here to blog .. haha gonna update more often la okayyyy? (P.s i'll try ;x). So, how's your day? Mine was pretty slack haha. Well because supposingly today is my school's cross country day but erm .. it rained in the morning for quite awhile and so ... it was cancelled. And yeah when we're all being dismissed, the rain suddenly starts to stop LOL. Sigh, its my last year though and no cross country. But anws, i not gonna run even if the cross country wasn't cancelled because of my ankle :/ .. its healing though, better than before. Another reason is because on monday this week, i did 3 napfa stations (2.4km, sit-up and shuttle run) and my body is aching haha. Not sure if it's totally cancelled or postpone, but yup.

So after that, i went for lunch together with: Rajes, Yaksheni, Zhimin, Rizuan, Akshay, Gavin, Naqib, Deepag.C and uh Zic (LOL ps, short form idk how spell his name wtf ;x).

Yup, then after lunch, gavin, zic, naqib and the rest of us parted. Left me, zhimine, rajes, yaksheni, rizuan, deepag.c and akshay and we went to watch 'Dark Shadows'. Its not bad, kinda funny and comedic haha, and johnny depp is awesome (duhhh) :D!!!

So if you have time, go and watch it! The cinema was rather empty when we're there o.o probably it's because it's a weekday and plus morning show lol. The movie was about 2hrs o.o? Or lesser than that i guess. Oh and the main character which is that guy, reminds me a lot of glendon HAHA. The girls are planning to dress him up as this during beatty's be yourself day hehe :)

Anws, here's the trailer and yeah i wanna watch lots of movie!!!

And yes, i just received my class photos yesterday!! Mad excited and i like it a lot haha i like the last picture the most! Everybody so cuteeee and kawaii LOL. Each and everyone is a flower, that is still blooming :) Sigh, i really like my class and i think that i'm rather lucky i guess? 4yrs in beatty, and throughout this 4 yrs, i have awesome classmates and pretty much bonded class. 1E4, 2E4, 3E2, 4E2 etc ... okay la save the rest for my graduation post la LOL.

haha so, gonna end this post with this super duper cute pikachu gif which i found on tumblr~ ciaos!


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