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Yo! Gonna blog a little, from today onwards, i don't have CCA anymore!! Yaaay? Haha. Idk. Is just before i step down from my CCA, i kinda can't wait to step down. Because too many things are going on and i'm kinda busy :/ .. (busy watching anime, reading manga, listening to music, singing songs *ahem*). LOL. Yeah now that i stepped down .. its kinda like - "Oh :/".

Gahhh x.x i just dont know how to explain. According to my mum, she foresee that i'm gonna be fat after this year LOL wtf. Because i've stopped swwimming and wushu. Which is true la, yeah got to find time to exercise.Or else .. i'll be like mum ... HAHAHHA jkjk (sorry mummy :D). No la, my mum not that fat laaaaa.

Something random: I found out how to type chinese characters using my phone! :D
LOL ya la ya la, i bet people are like omg what a noob. Sheesh, well when i first gotten my N9 (seriously, its all about Lumia now ._.) , i don't have chinese input and i'm suppose to go and update and download the software by myself and i didn't know how to -.- but my phone has this program which can update itself as long as there's wifi, battery (duh). All i need is to press 'ok' and it will update itself.

Taaa-daaa! My medal! 3rd in Group Event (Quanshu).

 well, have to faster finish up my other homework le hehe, ciaos ~ \\( ^ ^)//


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