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Things i got from daiso some time ago haha. Yeah, the items are $2 each! Mad worth haha. Omg i really really really like the socks!!! I bought 2 pairs but none of them for myself :) haha.They're birthday present for someone hehe. Didn't buy it for myself because mum nagged me and say that i shouldn't buy things that i don't need ... ): Oh well.

Anws, TGIF! Finally its friday. Yeah and it has been one week but my sprain is still there!!! Grrr x.x .. but i can walk properly now haha. I dont want to miss next monday's 2.4km :/ .. but Ms Tng says if i really cannot run then she let me redo my sit up. And my sit up is the lousiest among my NAPFA. Wtf idk how Burhan did like 60 in 1 min -.- (okay he's a guy, so yup) but i got friends who can do like 40 plus plus (girls). My max like 20 niah ._. Omg weak \\( x.x ) //

 Bought ViVi's May issue! Fuji Lena on cover! Hehe. 

And of course the latest issue of Cleo!

And i changed my twitter profile picture to thing lol. Time to get a haircut~ my fringe is getting long and i need some layering done to my hair. And mummy book Issac on 1st May (Labour Day). So can't wait to cut my hair! Have not cut it since new year LOL wtf, i only went to trim my fringe haha. So that's all for today. Grandma just finish cooking dinner, it smells damn good, can't wait to have dinner hehe. Ciaos~ I shall enjoy my mangas now heh :)

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