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Hihi :)! Shall blog a little before resuming my homework/revision haha. Finally, i'm getting "some" work done hur. Finally, took an overall glance at my exam timetable LOL, yeah. Donm't have much time to plan but shall improvise~ Hope it works ~( ^ ^ )~ hehe. Have been shopping online again and yeah m savings are almost gone thanks to my shopping habits., And my  wardrobe is 3/4 full .. so yup. Also, i kinda ran out of blogshops to shop. I use to go to mamatiam, madamrmarilyn etc etc but i got bored by the things there already haha. Yeah i still use Gmarket but not much things interest me nowadays :/.

Things that i bought on gmart recently. Mainly hair accessories, i can never get enough of them. I just need more. Haha, the shopaholic spirit lol. Checkout my cart on friday but still haven make any payment yet haha. Shall do it today if the AXS machine doesn't have a long queue. And its gonna rain soon. I hate thunders and lightnings, i'm just scared of them. 

okay shall go back to my homework/revision, ciaos~


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