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LiXuan, Me, HuiLi, Jiaying and eve! Zoe is not in the picture because she came late :/ ..

Anws, the 6 of us, are 1 team. Yesterday is the last day of wushu competition and it there were 2 group events. Although between us, we always have a little bit of dislike for one another with each other sometimes, but still i enjoy teaming up with them. Have been team mates with LiXuan since sec1, so it has been 4 years hur haha. And team mates with zoe and eve for 3 years. Having them as my team mate .. i can say that i'm pretty lucky? Haha. Anws, good job! Love you all~~ \\(^^)\\!!!!! And to Huili and jiaying, thanks for giving your best yesterday! And always working hard to catch up with us :)

Picture credit to Huili. Taken from her twitter. The coach on her Left is the best coach ever!!! She's patient and will really help you. Like for all my individual routine she, she helped a lot and even on the competition day itself, she help us to calm down and not feel so nervous. 教练, 谢谢你! \\( ^^)//

And unfortunately haha .. i injured myself yesterday after the first event :/ .. but yeah not that bad i gu8ess? I manage to complete the second event (though i think i didn't really do my best :/ .. ).

Ps for my ugly feet LOL. Late that night, my dad went to bring me to see doctor. Okay la, i did threw a tantrum and saying i didnt want to go and tell him that i'll go later tmr (which is today). I mean i know he is concern about me but idk why but i just feel like staying at home at that time lol. ... whatever, no matter how you look at, i was unreasonable lol.

and kailin came to play with me yesterday!! *Yaaaayyyy!!* and yeah she say my leg is scary LOL.

So thats all for today, sorry for not blogging much ;x hehe. ciaos~


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