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Hi! Just had my dinner, so i'm gonna blog a little now. Haha, Mid-years is coming soon, starts on next wednesday, 2 May. Idk what to say but i don't think i'll do well .. i guess? Mainly because i didn't study or revise much, and yes i have been reading manga and watching anime for the most of my time! Haha. As usual, almost everyday (actually, its everyday) i'm on twitter, facebook and plurk. So .. yeah got to start revising (yeah just keep saying but not doing anything about it, meh~). Shall try to complete as much work as i can, and go to school on monday and ask my teachers about it.

Anws, gonna spam some photo of kailin~

I tied the ribbon on her head HAHA cute right :D? And she likes it! (Left) I was about to take her pic and when i press my camera, she started to cough LOL. Whatever, its still cute haha. P.s the ribbon not very clear, it was damn random haha. Just rewatch some episodes of Xiaxua's GTL then .. yeap.

Awwww~ It's just too CUTE for words!
I didn';t teach her how to wink on eye and pose, she just did it LOL. 

Oh, and i bought May's issue of Popteen! First time buying and its kinda lucky since Tsubasa Masuwaka is on cover haha. So pretty can!!!!So in total, for May, i bought like 3 magazines lol - ViVi, Cleo and Popteen! Btws, before buying this Popteen magazine, around march of early april, someone in fb posted a scanned upload of the magazine and yeah i already have them in my PC LOL, but still, i want the magazine haha.

Kagamine Rin (vocaloid)

Next tuesday i'm gonna get a hair cut, like finally!! LOL! I have not cut my hair since chinese new year and all i did was to trim my fringe. Mum says that Issac has some advise and maybe cut new hair style or something .. LOL. And she mentioned something about soft rebonding :/ .. I actually don't like the idea of getting my hair rebonded, hard or soft. Because i have natural curls for the past 15 years of my life and i still live them a lot. Its something i inherited from my mum (LOL, erm WOW?). Plus my curls are not those very hard to maintain .. so i'll just hear what they got to say about it and then decide on the spot.

(a page from the magazine)
But meanwhile, i shall checkout for some other new hairstyle. I can't have really really short hair (even though i like them, lol idk why but yeah). Because my curls will just curl here and there, anyhow.And i find girls who have short hair and look good in them are hard to find. So if i ever see girls like them, i would just stare . yeah not in the pervertic way.

Btws, this is the amount of money i have accumulated over the years (like since sec 1 or something) from nuffnang. Yeah, omg i can't weait for it to hit $50!!!! So please do help to spam my nuffnang (on the side bar) when you see that there's advertisement there :) thank you.

okay, so thats all for today~ Gonna do a mask and relax. Ciaos~


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