Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 2:28 PM with

Yesterday's lunch, made with love by my Aunt~

And Subway for today's lunch ~ Hehe thanks mummy ^^

hihi everyone, currently taking a "break" LOL. So i shall blog first then continue with my rushing of homework :). Btws, i'm thinking of changing my blogskin's background but keeping the format same haha .. experimenting with many background~

Nothing much to blog, and once again its the usual sunday. I'm currently still thinking whether or not should i post pone today's physics tuition to tues night session ( 8pm to 9.30pm, wtf so late). :/ .. because today, which is the last day of march holidays, is also known as the ' finish-up-your-holiday-homeworks' day. LOL. I'm still left with quite a bit so :/ ....

Currently watching this anime: " Nichijou" 

School starts tomorrow and luckily tomorrow is monday, which means i can wake up later than usual :D haha. I only have to report to school at 8.30am for every monday (unless there's other events etc).

Random: Went to scan bank book yesterday and 'GushCloud' transferred me my money! Wooots (Y) awesomeeee. Haha, shall look forward to gushing more clouds ~ hehe.

Okay la, i nothing much to blog about ._. LOL.Shall schedule a blog post for tomorrow, cause i can forsee that tomorrow i will be lazy to blog ... so yup. Thats all for today :O

Ritsu from "K-On!". Hopefully i can finish all my homework tomorrow :/ ... 
Yeah, kkayes shall go do my homeowkr already, byessss~


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