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Yo :D Slept at 1am in the morning yesterday, cause we went to fetch mum from the airport! Haha. Got this gif(s) from the above web, haha. I was kinda laughi9ng when i read the subtitles, its one of the funny moment in Ao No Exorcist. Its an awesome anime! Yeah, i like it alot. And duh, my favourite character is the main character: Okumura Rin :D hehe. Mad cute ^^! 

Rin and Bon - not in good terms at first haha.

Anws, remember my previous post, i said that i'll try finish up my maths homework? Yeah, i failed. Badly ._. I ended up not doing any homework yesterday LOL wtf. Gahhh, can't help it x.x super lazy la meeee >: LOL. 

Bon cutting some decorative origami .. #likeaboss. LOL, then Shiemi was like: 'Ooooooh!'

I rememeber blogging about this anime before haha, so if you're interested, go and watch it~ If you're a chiongster, you can finish this entire anime in 2 days. Haha. Btws, do help (spam) click my nuffnang advs on the right side ^^ hehe thank you! Random: Alvin is away on a holiday to somewhere is china :/.

So here's what mummy got for me from hong kong - 2 Tops, 1 beauty mask and 2 anime magazine!
I'm like super mad happy la! I mean like, i'm all gaga over anime and she bought me this 2 magazines! And whats the best thing about this 2 magazines? It has my favourite animes inside!! Wtf ;x And i like the tops too! The colours are nice and all haha. And then the mnask there, its like a acne mask or something, and i heard from my mum that its kinda popular in hong kong .. so i'm gonna give it a try :) haha.

1 day i should do like a blog post, and show you guys all the masks i have. Seriously, its a lot (to me) ;x.

 So here are somethings i found in the 2 magazines:

'Ao No Exorcist' - Rin and Yukio!

Hoho, again! Haha with Rin's face .. so cute ;x

Another page of 'Ao No Exorcist' :)

'Mirai Nikki' ! (It means future diary .. LOL wtf direct translate) - Gasai Yuno and Yuuki,.

Zhimin is watching this anime now, it's called 'Another'. Shall watch it soon :) 

Fairy Tail and Hitman Reborn!

Guilty Crown (!!!!!)

'Hidan No Aria' - i like this anime a lot too, lol omg i basically like almost every single anime i watched. This aniem ended evry sudden :/ .. its like incompleted .... hmm .. hope it does have a season 2! *cross fingers*


Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ( sorry if i mixed the name up) - Nanoha and Fate 

Inami and Yamada from 'Working!!' 

Megurine luka and hatsune miku!

'Lucky Star' , 'Oreimo imouto', Suzumiya Haruhi' and etc.

 overall, i love my presents! And of course my mum! Haha. So that's all for today's blog post, gonna have my lunch now, ciaos~~

*p.s will not be blogging tomorrow and tuesday, will be in camp.


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