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Morning people! I have been slacking since thurs till now LOL. Tomorrow got geography test so .. yeah all the best to me again ;x haha. Its like almost every week have test. After next week, it would be march "holidays". Yea, bitch please. Its not even a one week break, not to even mention holidays. LOL. Yeah because my entire week is fully booked! With extra lessons + wushu camp. Oh well. Hopefully i can finish all my homework haha. Okay, not gonna blog much, just some pictures only :)

The way i use my films on them (kailin and jingxuan) i left with like 60 films LOL. Still remember that time me and Rajes bought 100 films each then we scared we cannot use finish it before the expiry date LOL.

And guess who i "saw" in Watsons yesterday ......


ya la, not the real person though haha, where got so lucky ;x. 

that's all for today, ciaos~ 


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