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my hair, is THAT fabulous.

Nah. Bad hair days sucks. Who likes it anws LOL. Especially girls, we put in more effort in making ourselves prettier when we go out and bad hair day is just one of our top few enemies. I think the number 1 enemy for girls is: acne/pimples. idk~

So, today i'm gonna to blog about the hair products i used.


I know, who uses 3 shampoos on one head every shower omg. Creativity, extract all the goodness LOL wtf (nonsense). The one one the extreme left is actually the refill for the one on the extreme right. From left to right: JK/HK (idk which is it LOL), sunsilk and vita-volatge shampoo from Shisheido. My favourite is the JK/HK one, it really makes my hair smooth and tangle-free. Also, it smells really nice. But i only used it like once a week? Like every friday/saturday. The one i frequently use is the one from Shisheido, its pretty much like the Jk/HK one, smells nice, tangle free etc. As for the Sunsilk one, i only use it as and when i feel like LOL.

Among these three: Sunsilk - 7/10. JK/HK - 9/10, Shisheido - 8.5/10
Everytime after i shower, my scalp feels refreshing somehow haha, esp the shisheido one, it gives a "cooling "effect

Hair Treatments etc

uh, i don't use conditioners, because i dont see the point in using them LOL. So i use these (above) instead. 2 bottles of Ultimate Deep Repair (wheat Protein) from Sasatinnie and another JK/HK product. I use them like twice a week but again not everything at one go. Depends on my mood ;x But i use more of the one from Sasatinnie becuase its really damn cheap, mad cheap, much cheaper than the JK/HK one. Its only like $3.90 for like 225ml?? Can get it from any SASA oiutlets and uh now i think they have promotion or something, each bottle is only $2.00 (heard from mum) ... BUYBUYBUY ;x!

Again, i prefer then JK/HK one over the one from Sastinnie. Because when i use it, the JK/HK one makes my hair like even smoother and smells nice, also after i blow dry my hair etc, i seriously have good hair day throughout the rest of my day. My hair wont be so frizzy and etc. Its just .. neat o.o? And if i use it one the night, the next morning when i wake up, i dont even need to wash my hair and it still smells damn nice and feels very very smooth! My hair also wont get tangled. The best part is: i just have to comb my hair and it looks like perfect. I give it like a 10/10 LOl ;x

As for the Sasatinie one, i ive it a 8/10. Although the effect it gave me is similar to what i get by using the JK/HK one but still .. idk :/ i prefer the HK/JK one. Sometimes after i run my fingers through my hair, i see quite a few strands of hair on my hand .. idk if i use to much strength of ... my hair old liao ownself drop out one LOL.

Starting from left: Shisheido hairspray, Essential hair oil, Liese Juicy shower and Loreal Hair Oil. 

i think .... i cannot live without hair oil LOL. Ever since sec 1 have been using it know and its has become like a habit for me to use it everytime after i shower. I only started using the Essential one this year and i slightly prefer it over the Loreal Hair oil one (which i used for years LOl).

The shisheido hairspray is the one that i want to recommend. Anyone can use it.  You just have to spray on your scalp and then message it. Then you scalp may feel one tingling sensation but its feel awesome LOL. It feels cooling at the same time. Anws, i use to have oily scalp and dandruff ( yeah i use to hate showers and i find washing my hair is too troublesome .. hah). Then i started to be more hardworking to wash my hair and spray this and now my scalp is much healthier than before :)

Lastly the juicy shower from liese. I must say, i smells damn nice! But i dont really think that its worth the money :/ ... the smell doesn't stays very long and its only like for moisturizing your hair and make it smell better i guess o.o only  started using this recently.

So yup, thats all for today's blog post. Btws, this is a scheduled post :D. Now when you're reading it, i'm probably halfway through CCA only hehe. Ciaos~~


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