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hihihi! Ps for not blogging lately lol. Blame it on my lazimness haha. Gonna blog a little about yesterday before i leave my house for lunch and then additional training at chongfu :)?

So, yesterday, i went to Gwen's condo (again) haha. This time round alone, cause i want to have some h2h talk with her :/ and duh! I enjoy her company a lot!!!! \ (^^) / hehe! She's like one of those people who i can really talk to about anything & everything. Okay, enough of praising her, later she become too byl LOL ;x 

Yesterday after training, i went gym with her. Its one of the facilities there. We run the treadmill (o.o) for about 30 mins or so then played around with other equipments inside ;x haha. After that we went to somewhere to sit down and talk. But before that .. we saw this ...

Yeah it says 60 cents per cup and guess what? ITS FREEEEEE (Y)! LOL.

Haha is damn funny la, cause at first we saw this and gwen was like, " is this free?" then she go itchy hand touch and .. its really free! And we're like omg and then started "ordering" what we want haha.

Jasmine tea and chocolate. It taste really nice. And there are other drinks like Cappucino, Espresso and etc. 

And being typical Singaporean .. this is what i did LOL wtf. it took 4 cups to fill my bottle.

I was like, " Omg, am i going to get any karma for this HAHA?" And then Gwen say," who cares, its free!" HAHAHA. Anws i think i go karma or something cause when i was going home, there's this worm crawling on my sleeve T.T. I hate worms. Bees, wasps, hornets whatever lol. Then gwen was like she need Espresso (?) to make some dessert and then she was like, " hmmm .. now i know where to ghet free ingredients ..." LOL. #Sosingaporean. If its free, JUST TAKE IT ;D. 

P.s. not all Singaporean or so cheapo. #justsaying

Gwen sipping her hot chocolate in bliss after a "long" workout. haha. 

in total this is the amount of cups we use = amount of drinks we took. 

So, whats the moral of the story? In future, next time when you see a vending machine, just try your luck and PRESS THE BUTTON! Who knows you might get a free drink :d? Haha, we both think that we're just lucky and i told my dad about it and he thinks that the machine spoil liao LOL. My aunt and grandma thinks that i'm sucha cheapo ;x. But .. maybe its .. really freeeee :)? 

okay so thats all for today. Competition is nearing and omg x.x nervous? Haha. Ciaos, enjoy your weekend ^^~


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