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Just back from school not long ago and had subway for lunch :D.

hihi everyone! Was back from camp on wednesday and i was lazy to blog haha. So, i shall blog today ^^. Hehe. So, this week, 3 of my classmates turn 16! Haha woooooots~ happy sweet sixteen :D

This is yaksheni's present! Mailed her her birthday card last week and she received it early ;x LOL oops. Then gave her her present only today haha. Omg. Yaksheni's birthday is on Monday (12 March). Didn't manage to see her until today :/ .. so yeah. And glad that that she likes her present hehe.

Next is Edric's birthday, which is today (16 March). Had kailin to take a couple of photos and gave Edric one of them LOL. And i also gave him a bunch of Kailin's photo haha. Omg its like so cheapskate la, give him kailin's photo ;x haha but whatever, he likes it can liao. Hehe。

kamesh bought a small cake for Edric. And Zhimin protecting the candle :D ~ 

 And the next person's birthday is .. Rajes! Not gonna reveal the things i gave her and the card i made for her yet because .. i want to give her a surprise ;x haha. But i gave her her present today,. because i can't make it to her birthday party tomorrow ): sorrrryy x.x!!

F.Y.I : The 3 of them are my best friends! Yeah, can say that we're close to each other. I only know yaksheni and rajes last year but i know Edric since sec 1 hehe. BFFs FTW~

Anws, today had physics LSP and then after that, went to tpy hub to have lunch. Together with Yaksheni, Zhimin, Shrijana, Rajes, Nira and Yan Wei :)

Had subway for lunch! Long time since i last ate it haha. 

i think this cookie is new. Its Raspberry Cheesecake flavour. Love it ~ New favourite ^^ hehe.

My sandwhich :D Mad yummy (Y)!

After our lunch me, shrijana and zhimin did  this haha. I was the 1st one who did this then that other two copy me ;x haha. Mine is the one in the middle :D

Last picture of the day: Terence Chew ( SO CUTEEEE RIGHTTT ;DDD?!?!?) 

haha okay thats all for today, ciaos~ 


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