Monday, March 5, 2012 at 8:34 PM with

ahhhh .. awesome shower is awesome (Y)

Just had an awesome shower haha. Had training today .. sigh nowadays monday trainings are not as "fun" or as tough as it use to be. Idk .. probably because not much peopel were there? Haha yeah, plus today , out of 6, 2 of my team members came only :/ ... Competition in 4 weeks time of less, jys! After wushu, went to played volleyball w/ Kenneth, Kevin, Jiaying, Eric and Shaohuang! Haha epic and fun! Laugh lots and yeah my arms are like red ;x Played for an hour then went home.

hehe, this is cute right :D?

Well, done with Geography test today. I think that its easier than the previous one .. haha yeah. And left with Chemistry and Social studies test for this week. Probably getting physics tmr, whatever the grade it is, i'll just continue to work hard .. i try ;x

haha kkayes, gonna have my dinner soon and finish up my homework! Ciaos~


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