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got from 9gags, my bgr is kindqa like that i guess? Haha nothing to do with him, maybe i just think to much or maybe, i made the wrong choice or whatever lol. So back from home. Today no training at all, yay haha, all we did for today was celebration for chinese new year. Yup.

some pictures, actually just two pictures haha didn't take much. Didn't lao but i just eat hehe ;x overall was okay la although initially quite fail lolol. So yup after that, took some group photos using shaohuang's phone and then slack and talok then clean up with eve and baohua haha. Not bad siah, 3 of us clean up all (Y) hehe. Then did some committee discussions, then straight home. Grrr, reach home around like 7 plus >: eeeee. Gotta do my home work like seriously asap and soon! So yes, soon as in now, yes , i'm done with blogging for today :) LOL. Ciaos~~

hehe short post eh :D?


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