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Got it from 9gag again.

So, hi peoples! Long time since i last blog haha. If i were to blog like once a week and keep strating my blog post with like: ' long time since i last blog ..' , lol boring ;x hehe. Just home not long ago from Gwen's house :) went there for swimming, together with Gwen and eve, and tried out the steam room! Hehe, had fun. Okay so, here's my weekly update :)?

btws, do spam click the nuffnang advertisements on my blog, thank youuu :DDDDD!

got myself a new pair of training shoe, its obvious which is the new one and which is the super old one LOL. The one on the right, which is damn dirty and black, i wore it for 2 years. Yes and only wash them ONCE. LOL Ya la, so is like damn dirty la ;x haha. Because i only have one pair of training shoes, i cannot wash them :/ finall bought a new one cause i worn out the old one. 

need to sell this ticket/coupon things for charity fund raising? Haha, haven start doing it ;x but of course i know my family will support me one la haha ;x yeah and i'm buying 1 too :)

Free NEWater on the 15th. total defence day.

water again haha. taken during tuition. Yeah its just an ordinary bottle of water, and what so special about it?  Btws, idk how this picture hae this effect. Apparently my camera, idk, sometime randomly have some weird effects on some things .. so it looks kinda yellowish for this haha.

this is the reason why i took a picture of this bottle, ingredient: water.

Doris Khou here, advertising for Evian water LOL. Uh, i'm also a supporter of Evian water ;x LOL bur expensive laaa hehe. So drink it once in a while LOL, i have not drink Evian water for like a super long time la ;x

Some random gifts and gums from daddy!! Hehe, he got if from his friends wedding and gave it to me :) yeah i receive the most gift out of my family LOL. My bro and mum got lesser than me ;x 

"someone" gave it to me. Can't name her, cause she say don't tell anyone that its a gift from her, if not people will start asking her why they didn't have a gift from her haha. The pen is so cute can! And its really nice to write with hehe ^^.

So thats all, yeah just a random update again hahaha. yayayya, blahblahblahblah. Follow me on twitter or add me on facebook and spam questions on my formspring ^^ hehe thats all ciaos~~ 

random picture i found on the web. And last but not least: happy birthday kamesh! You're 16 \(^^)/



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