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haha yeah gonna spam quite a few anime photos regarding about valentine's day which i find that are rather cute haha. So how did you guys celebrated valentine's day :)? For mine, rather mundane haha i guess? Bought chocolates and some tidbits to share with my friends though :)

Kagamine Rin and Len (vocaloid)

anws something interesting did happen haha. Jeffrey kinda confessed to jane? Idk, LOL i don't really know whats the whole story cause was queuing up for my hokkien mee during recess and all i know was suddenly got some guys cheering and clapping haha.

hehe from 'One Piece' (anime). Luffy so cuteeeeeeeee :D i never really watched one piece though :/ but i did when i was young, only a few episodes when they're showing it on the television. So yup.

hehe this is cute too, from hitman reborn :) 

Found this cute haha, 25 ways to celebrate valentine's day the weak (?) way.

Rin and Yukio from 'Ao No Exorcist'  

Chrome from Hitman Reborn. Omg ... so cute :3 

So .. did anyone confessed to anybody :D? Haha or receive a confession or roses and chocolates? As usual, nobody confess to me ... -insert-forever-alone-face-   LOL. I never had a confession on valentine's day before in my life .. so far! Hahahah, who knows in future .. hmmmm ;x 

 Anws, to those couples out there, have fun and enjoy those time spend with each other, wish you guys stay as sweet as ever together. And to those friendzoned people out there .. all the best! There's always next year and another chance haha \(^^)/. Last but not least, to those who are single like me,  happy valentine's day :D Dont be jealous of others hahaa, nah jkjk, I kinda enjoy being single? Idk, not in the mood for relationship i guess :O? Nah, O's is my priority now lol ( yeah yeah yeah i keep saying that .. blahblahblahblahblah .. ).


Here's what i got for valentine's day :D. A card from Zhimin, a bookmark from Amelyn, Polariod pictures (w/ rajes, enqi and melissa tay) and cookies from melissa tay. Oh ya, still got one more chocolate, but i ate it :D  . Btws, this is my first time taking polariod photos haha.

okay so thats all for today. Ciaos~ 2 test tmr. Spending the rest of my v'day with chemistry and social studies. \m/


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