Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 12:58 PM with 

Polariods taken yesterday :) haha. Kailin and my bro. And yes, my bro is an attention seeker.

Its sunday again and monday tomorrow. Bet most of the people are rushing their homework or maybe, don't even care if they have homework or not haha. Well, finished 2 of my homework yesterday night and currently doing geography now. Idk, but i think geography  homework is the one i least like to do ;x i'll feel sleepy LOL. No la, its justw hen i see the question, i know why is so-and-so like this but idk how explain!! Grrrrrr ): Oh well, maybe thats the reason why i fail geography LOL. Have to work on it :)

okay off to do my homework, won't be blogging so soon :) haha ciaos~


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