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hihi! Not gonna blog much, just gonna post pictures of the polariod photos that i've taken today haha. Yeah, currently in love with it, hopefully i never get bored with it too fast or yet LOL.Tomorrow will have physics and emaths test, so all the best to me ^^ hehe. Today is 29 FEb! Haha so-called a special day hur hehe ;x I just realise that people who're born in 1996 (my batch) are leap year babies haha.

Glendon & Terence's Couple polariod. LOL zhimin extra go photo bomb them ;x haha.

picture taken with Yaksheni, Rajes and Zhimin! Haha guess which is me :D

Another picture together with zhmine, rajes, yaksheni, minji and heejin! Haha.

Last but not least, the ultimate cuteness ot Terence and Edric LOL

So thats all for today, ciaos~


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