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that explains my CCA ;x haha

Yesterday didn't train much at all! Haha. Cause zoe, eve and lixuan weasn't here :/ so only me and jiaying and huili, but jiaying lost her training shoes and forgot to bring her attire haha. So .. i also somehow lazy train la haha. Xin Hui, Amanda and Gwen came back to Beatty and brought a cake for mdm toh :D because it was her birthday (2 days ago). And coincidentally, it was also one of my coach's birthday :D! So in the end, we sang 'happy birthday' 3 times LOL, for mdm toh and coach and for shaohuang , whose birthday is like 3 days ago.


My new desktop background :D! Hehe so cute right!!?? Its from 'Inu x Boku SS' :)

So yesterday after training, i went back home. Wishing that my polariod camera would arrive asap. And then, when i got into my room ...


this on the top are my colour filters, free gifts and etc.

and here's my camera and 100 films :DDD. 1 packets consists of 2 packs of film and inside 2 packs of film, there are 10 films. So, do some maths :) haha.

My super-duper chio Instax Mini 7s!

SUPER LOVE IT! But i think maybe in future i will get bored of it ;x HAHA idk. But yeah. If you ask me where i got this, i got it from Gmarket :). Interested buyers can formspring me for further questions and i can give you the direct link to the gmart page!

In total:

Instax mini 7s (white) + 100 films + colour filters + free gifts (consists of albums and etc) + free Eurasia delivery to your doorstep = $211
i know it sounds rather expensive but i guess its worth it? For so many things, In fact i can get it cheaper if i dont get the camera in white. If i get it in pink/blue, i'll have to pay $24 lesser haha. So, its up to you though. I actually wanted to buy the hello kitty/mickey mouse one but not that worth it i guess :/? Because its like an additional of $34 just for the cartoon character on the camera LOL.

and yes, camera test done on bro~ Jolene (cousin) says that my bro's collar bones are sexy LOL

Last but not least, the cutest picture, so far LOL.

okay homework nows, ciaos~


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