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random picture of anime girls haha, have been chionging damn lots of mangas heheheh \(^^)/ 
yo :D! Hi all. Haha short post, nothing much to post anws cause not much pictures and yeah rather busy. So far down with one test (yesterday), pure geography and up coming tests for this week are: amaths, phyiscs and chemistry. Sigh, gonna stop being lazy and start revising! Yeah, and how many times have i said that and failed -.- .....? Lol, gaaaahhh  " \(x.x)/ " 

so, have been into gushclouds nowadays haha.  Its another way of earning money through the internet just by tweeting about it, liking fb pages or post things on your fb wall. Yup and that simple. There a few of them which are for blogging .. yeah quite rare haha. Gushcloud is not a scamming website because my friend gotten vouchers and money for them before! Also, i think miyake won, qiu qiu and another blogger have blog about it before? Ps don't really rememeber much, correct me if i'm wrong haha.


Random picture of fried nian gao. Hand made by grandma! Hohoho, haha. Its really damn tasty and not too sweet! Actually its just that she cut the nian gao into strips and then wrap them up with the popiah skin and fried them. Its awesomely good. Yeah, its finishing because me and my aunt can't stop after havbin gone ;x hehe. 

oh ya, and also i'm kinda addicted to this papya milk drink LOL. 

okay thats all for today LOL. Yeah its a quick update anws haha. So yup, off for a shower and then time for dinner and then revision :) So byeeeess~~ and all the best for the rest of the week hehe  o (^^) o. And uh, do follow me on twitter, mention back and i'll follow :) haha. 


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