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How i react when i lose my things. And when i so-called "lose" them LOL. Means i forget where i put la! ;x

Since i got nothing much to post and i have things to do haha, you guys can try this! Its kinda interesting :D got them from one of my friend in facebook. Its to find you anime identity.

If i use Xi Tong: Psychic Angel (oh well at least and angel, and a psychic one too haha.)
If i use Lee Xi Tong: Lovely Angel (haha i know i'm sucha lovely angel since years ago LOL bhb jkjk ;x)

So try and see what you get hehe ^^. See, i help you kill at least a few seconds of your boring day ;x

Okay so thats all for today post, gonna post a video down there. ciaos~

lol i'm kinda in love with this song now, its Shakugan No Shana III (FINAL) 's 2nd ending song. Can't wait to download this song \(^^)/!!


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