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so .. hi :D? LOL. Ps long time no blog, Becvause i am lazy and i have lots of test going on and yeash have not really been studying x.x what an ass am i lol. Btws, this post might be long, cause gonna update things about friday and yesterday. So yup. Got pictures laaaaa, not all words one laaaaa can?!?! LOL.


Eve, Jiaying and I went to Gwne's house after wushu. Because gwen move into a new house .. a condo! Haha, and the security is like kinda tight and if you want to go anywhere, you need the card or something haha. Had fun with them, laugh lots and duh, whenever we are with gwen, confirm have horny jokes one lor LOL.

in front of her condo, is near yellow pages and braddel mrt haha. So we walked there.

eve, gwen and jiaying (left to right)

buttons in the lift LOL 40 storeys.

partial view of the swimming pool haha.

the pinata (?) that gwen made. Seriously, she has like damn lots of patience to do this lor LOL. Is damn nice right ??!!! Haha, is for her brother and her friends (around 9 years old or so) to play.

had like a buffet style dinner. This is only lik 1/3 of the food there LOL. Forgotten to took picture of the rest cause i was too hungry to bother ... hmmm .. 

Eve and jiaying!

this picture (above_) is kinda joke LOL. Cause we didn't bring any swim wear so we don't want to get wet lol. And jiaying walk over to eve, and eve thought jiaying want to splash her so she become so defensive LOL. But all jiaying wants was to take picture with her! Haha.

their picture~ 

haha and jiaying again. We went to the pool slack awhile and camwhore there, pictures are in gwen's phone mostly and jiaying's haha. We also went to the gym, fitness corner and etc. Then me and gwenare like searching for the best sex spot LOL. Wts, cause her condo there got manya .. *ahem* ... blind spots ... hmm ... 

gwen, proud of her work but the thought her bro and his friends smashing and whacking it makes her heart aches LOL.

haha jaiying, hehe damn cute siah! Her hair like finally grow long le haha. 

all the sweets we need to stuff it into the two pinatas,

Night view of the condo. 

and dinner time! After dinner we sit and slack and chat and then we went home haha. Anws, we decided to go to gwen's hosue every friday after wushu from next week onwards for swimming or gym :) hehe.And thats all for friday~

Saturday, which is yesterday, actually nothing much. Just that i had a family gathering with my mother side people. WE had steamboat for dinner! Haha, we wanted to lo hei but ended up didn't do it cause we're all too full to eat anymore haha. Cousin bake some apple crumble thingy lol idk but its damn nice! If only i can be like her and her bro, who can cook LOL. Meh, lazy people like me sigh ...

food we gonna have for steamboat.

and winee! And we had vodka too haha. 

and the cake/pie cousin made haha.

so thats all for my blogpost. ciaos~ time for homework (x.x)


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