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  stuffed animal
  peaked cap
  teddy bear

Morning~ long time since i last post a picture, not from 9gag, at the start of my post haha. Woke up pretty early today just to use com and later chiong studies :)  Gonna jys in my pure geography tests tmr ^^. Somewhat feeling relax and nervous at the same time lololol wts. Make up your mind :/

So, gonna log about yesterday.

Random picture of my handbook haha yeah. Gonna make full use of it from this year onwards, if not every year buy liao never use, damn wasted haha. Waste the trees and the money lol. And my handwriting is only that fugly when i write in my hand book haha.Really. Okay la, anws my neat handwriting also not say very neat -.- .. err average? Haha, close enough ;x

So went to meet Melissa.H yesterday after her chem SPA @ City Square MAll. Yup .Asked her out because there's like a flea there and QiuQiu was there! But sadly overall the flea not really have anything much and by the time we reach there, i guess all the good stuff qiu qiu brought there is like kana sweep liao LOL. So we walked around seeing if there's anything we can buy and yeah we did bought some things haha.

had this milkshake from makeshake LOL. Its damn nice! We drank the strawberry marshmallow milkshake. Is damn awesome la! Haha, at first one of the workers came out and let us try the sample of it, but its like frozen :/  .. so it kinda taste weird to me but when we bought it, it wasn't like frozen so yeah it taste good! Thick, creamy and with chewy bits of marshmellows and strawberry! Hehe. And now they have promo for that drink! Buy 2 cups @ $6. Mad worth :)

Melissa.H while waiting. 

Ah! This. Btws its $1.50 and NOT $0.50. Uh. Ps my camera make until the '1' disappeared LOL. Its another promo they have but its fore friendzoned singles only. LO.L. Yeah so, thats something for those people out there. Yuo can go City Square Plaza for it, or you know, maybe they have it in every other outlet too haha. So yup.

hehe our milkshakeeeee :DDDD 

and then we have sushi for lunch! Haha. We both love japanese food a lot! And most of the time when we go out together its either jap food or .. idk la kfc? Haha. Asshole. Ytd we spent almost like 60% of what we spent on food LOL. Cause after this, we had kfc :) ... hehe :D

forgotten to bring this out with me while i am suppose to meet her today. Yeah, we're giving each other presents for valentine's day LOL. I know laaaaa, yesterday was like still 10 days early before valentines LOL.But yeah better pass it to her first because gonna be busy next week onwards :/.

and these are what i bought and the big pink paper wrapped bag is her valentine's day prezxzie for me haha. Gonna mail hers to her instead LOL. Yup. Bought the Rilakkuma thingy for zhimin haha cfm she will like it .. hopefully ;x hehe. Then the pokeball is from Melissa.H to me :D. Hehe and uh the 2 pens are from mini-bits.

and this is what she gave me for v'day!

and my dinner yesterday night LOL. Yeah, lvoe those wings (Y). Hehe.

so thats all for today cause i need to study like .. sooooooooooon x.x ciaos~~~


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