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Good afternooooooooon \(^^)/ !! Hehe, gonna blog a little, before i start doing my homework LOL. So far for today: woek up around 10 plus, then went out to mail Lena and Melissa.H 's stuff then have brunch w/ daddy and bro. Had mushroom prata with cheese and mutton :)

if only english summary is as easy as summarizing what-i-did-today lol. Nah. Btws, do help to click my nuffnang advertisements at the side bar :D hehe thank yuo very much!  Gonna blog about a fashion magazine - CLEO, today. Ever since starting of this year, i keep buying CLEO magazine LOL, idk why but i guess because its like fashion-base? I am not really into kpop or celebrities so teenage, teen or seventeen are not really my type of magazine o.o?

I rarely buy magazines but nowdays i do LOL. My dad is gonna be like: 'Waste of money only, read one or two times then throw away.'

My collection of CLEO magazines: (left to right) March, February and January issue. Just gotten the latest one (March issue) today. And i finish reading it already LOL.

Free gifts or samples found in the the magazine hehe. If anybody wants it, you can formspring me cause i dont use them anws haha, yeah i dont put make ups. But if nobody wants them then i'll just give it to my mum haha.

For all 'My Melody' lovers, i found this in one of the pages in the magazine. Yeah the mask sheets! Anws i prefer hello kitty over my melody ;x even though the packaging of this mask (above) is cute .. aiya whatever laaaa, just buy all the cute things in the world LOL!

A pretty interesting article in the magazine. Its about breakouts and pimples. Yeah, i have acne breakouts since primary 3, wtf LOL i was mad ugly during primary school times hahaha. Lots of pimples, oil skins and no fringe. I'm serious, 100%.  But now my skin is better  \(^^)/ . So this article tells you about why do you have pimples of breakouts, hopefully its helpful to you guys :) but i pretty much agree with what they say cause i kinda have the same thoughts haha.

okay so thats all for today, gonna post a video here. I happen to chance upon with youtube-ing in the morning. So enjoy, its not a music video btws haha.

idk why but this video someone reminds me of 'Cinderella'. LOL it somehow has the same concept. Except for Cinderella, the prince goes to everyhosue to let the maidens to try the glass slipper and see whose feet fits the glass slipper and then he finally found Cinderella. For this (video above) its about the lipstick mark haha. Its kinda similar laaa, idk how explain but hope you get it ;x hehe.


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