Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 3:38 PM with
from 9gags, again. haha. Sorry people for not updating my blog like daily D: argh, can't seem to find the time to do so x.x the only free tyimeslot is like now, thursday afternoon lol but bnext week onwards, my free thursday afternoon slot will be gone ._. cause got mother lsp. Haha, but whatever la, since is sec 4 year i dont mind to spend more time studying an revising .. yup. So far .. i have not started revising LOL but i got do my homeworks kkayes!!!!! English tuition later, gonna blog before i leave :)

Have not been tweeting much lately, also plurking too but i update them more often then my blog :> hehe!

ps for the blur picture, got them from my twitter :/ yeah cant edit them on my phone haha. Nowadays i use my phone to tweet. and sadly i cant blog on phone -.- cause they dont let me upload pictes >: .. meh. So yup, thats all my amaths trigo formulae, i was aiming for a full mark but then still the last question, 5ii i last minute found out that i did it wrongly D:!!!! I was like fuuuuu x.x but aergh, next test onwards, gonna work hard. Also had chemistry test yesterday .. quite okay i guess :/? Then emaths test uh next thurs.
from 9gags also lol. Herhe yeah i still like reading 9gags haha. Btws good news: i got A1 for normal chinese :DDD which means i can continue taking hcl haha yay! But still, can't be complacent la hur *remind myself*. Gonna work hard and then enjoy :) and fyeah, i'm having breakouts now -.-

 okay la, thats all for today. ciaos~


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