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fyeah! A picture fo Yaksheni, Rajes, Me and Zhimin taken today @ Marina Barage :D
My face looks pretty weird LOL blame the photographer - Kamesh! He la, walao we all stand there freeze smile waiting for him to help us take picture then end up ley, he went to take video -.- LOL. Video is on fb anws. So, picture credits to Rajes and Kamesh haha. Yeah my facial expression is like a little weird cause i cannot freeze smile for too long for pictures LOL.

So, did lots of running and climbing of stairs today haha and also went to Marina Barage for the field trip, it was quite fun la, i mean wanywhere you go with friends = cfm fun! Hehe. And also, next week almost everyday have tests and best still, each test consist of like 2 chapters or so -.- all the best to me ~

bought this instant duck porridge thingy cause since jiaying say that this is nice so i decided to give it a try :D

and some random 9gag picture hehe. okay so thats all for today, ciaos~~


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