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so ... friends, with benefits :)?

Haha hihi morning morning :D i'm awake! After like 10hrs of sleep or something lol. Btws i've no idea which anime is this girl from ;x haha. Got from facebook from one of my friend, he;'s also another anime addict :D hehe. Nowadays i'm on my phone, using wireless to tweet/facebook lol. I know la .. i using com still use handphone, weird right? Hehe, but whatever :B

hehe some cute anime girl in uniform :D 
Having decreasing blog views lately >: .. #sad. So how's the secondeek of everyone's school? For me, not too good :/ homeworek are piling T.T omfff and i cant let this continues! Or else i'll be like trying to clear my homework and then no time will be left for me to revise :< .....

oh ya, and yesterday is Friday the 13th right? HAHA, anybody had anything happened on that day ;x? Well, for me ... i was attempting to eat in class .. lol yeah cookies, oatmeal raisins cookies (Y) haha then i open the packet of cookies and ... IT DROPPED ON THE FLOOR T.T LOL NOOO WHYYY D; one less cookies to eat >: meow. Then the next thing is .. you know this Signo 0.38 pen? Yeah, drop on the floor and easily spoilt but the pen is got damn good to use? Yeah i effing drop my blue pen while halfway writing summary D:! Wts.

okay la, all these may be like small things only as compared to others. Like Melissa Tay hit her knee elbow and toe twice, and Keith Wong almost fell in to drain :/ .. oh well, like what Rajes said: ' Friday the 13th is doing its job.'  haha lol.

so zodiac thingi found on gmarket. HAHA  and yeah i spent like around $70 yesterday LOL on clothes, accessories and yeah thats all ;x hehe Omg, have to seriously control myself x.x. then also help my bestie, Melissa Heng, to buy her bags. Haha she buy 2 of it, one for her and one for her boyf .. haha awww :D  Btws, i'm born in the year of the rat :> hehe

 yup, another anime girl who i have no idea who is she ;x hehe. but so cute :D

 So now, gonna blog a little more about yesterday. Yeah, shall talk about yesterday's training. Had like a super intensive training with Eve and Shaohuang LOL. Cause like for 2hrs straight, we did not rest but just you know, continue our spear routine and try to memorise all of them. And yeah, hopefully i dont forget anything x,x most likely i think i have to compete in spear, sword and taiji this year :/ omg all the best to me. Argh jys!!! Last year already, win as much as i can! Haha.

okay la thats all for today i guess? Maybe if i am bored later or something i may blog again o.o lol. I was thinking of blogging and the schedule them so it seems like i actually updated my blog everyday ;x hehe. haha okays gotta go and hang clothes and to pass olene my emaths textbook. ciaos~ enjoy your weekends :D Even though its just two days, hehe :)

its seems like .. i'm addicted to Supercell :) hehe.


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