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yeah .. as you can see .. i'm spamming 9gags again LOL

out of all .. this is my favourite LOL

so .. school is fine, so far so good and guessn what? i think my room is like infested with ants or something -.- LOL IDK. its just there are like somany ants roaming around on my desktop while i'm doing homework -.- i wanna like flick them or sweep them away, i have no itention of killings but sometimes .. i killed them. Not on purpose. Really.

So chinese new year is around the corner, yup. So have you guys plan your outfits yet :D? Haha, i had mine done on like sunday or something lol. Pretty simple, shorts and top or skirt and top, thats all. Haha, not wearing dresses this year. Btws, i RARELY wear dresses HAHA. Most of the times shorts, then mini skirt or jeans then dress. Yeah, dresses only on special occassions. Hmm ...

okay like i said, its a 'short one' -meaning a short post. So thats all for today. ciaos~~~~

lol okay i know this song is like last year's but who cares? If the song is nice, its never old :). Like, i can't get tired from listening to poker face, just dance, judas and bad romance etc. Lady gaga is awesome .. okays!


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