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So what is this anime? Like duh, its obvious LOL. Its 'Ouran High School Host Club'. Yup, i blog a little bit about it before haha. Was like browsing through facebook ytd then got one of the anime fanpage was talking about it and when i see all the pictures .. sigh, i'm in love with this anime again LOL. Yeah, recently have not been posting much about animes, sorry haha.

So mainly, the main characters are guys, except one of them is girl cause .. those guys from the host club thought that she was a male .. hmmmm. Because of her hair i guess haha. And then many things happened along the way yup. Its rather comedic and funny haha.

so since there are so many male characters there ... which is/are the male characters i like :D? hehe.

omf  he so cuteeee >:!!!!!!!! hahaa but nah, he is not my favourite in the show hehe.

so .. the one/ones i like is/are ...

YEAAHH IS THIS PAIR OF TWINS ;DDDD HAHA. i cant seem to decide i like which one better, i think i prefer hikaru haha, yeah. Omfff ... so cute and handsome and they super mischievous one la haha!

like sexy only !!!! LOL kyaaa~~~~

haha i quite like this guy too. but yeah, i prefer hikaru and his twin over him ;x idkkkkkk alamak so many too choose from LOL. Imagine one day you walk into a host club and you dont know which one to choose HAHA. Then just be like : 'i'll have all of them.' LOL.

hehe this is so cute. The blonde hair one is tamaki and the one on the right .. should be haru-chan. (if i remember her name correct ;x hehe oops)

shall put this as my computer wallpaper so when people wanna use my com then they'll see this LOL

so yeah, today is like full post on anime haha. This anime ended rather arubptly :/ .. maybe i will go read up on the manga some time haha. Thats all, ciaos~~


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